Dao Nhat Minh



Lawyer / Managing Director

(84) 988 770 770

Minh established MP Law Firm in 2007. Since then, as a Director, Minh built the team of 6 professional lawyers and 5 legal assistants, providing legal services on business, business contracts, labor and other fields.


    • Bachelor of Transportation Economics, Hanoi University of Transport, 1993.
    • Bachelor of Law, Hanoi Law University, 2007.
    • Law practice certificate, 2008.

  • Practical Experience

    Attorney Dao Nhat Minh has over 18 years of experience in both Legal and Logistics fields:
    • Drafting a proposal to Vietnam Government to allow transit from Cambodia through Vietnam via air and road (2001).
    • Consultant to establish Expeditors Viet Nam (2001).
    • Consultant to establish a joint-venture company “UTi Worldwide Vietnam Co. Ltd” (2003).
    • Drafting an agreement of GeneralAgency AirTransportation between RAF Forwarding Inc. Vietnam and Lauda Air (2002), China Southern Airlines (2004); Air Macau (2004); Shenzhen Airlines (2005).
    • Drafting an argreement of Air transportation joint-venture between RAF Forwarding Inc. Vietnam & Pacific Airlines with Far Eastern Air Transport (2004).
    • Consulting to set up a joint-venture company for MOL Logistics Vietnam (2016).
    • Consulting labor contract for PETRONAS (2016).
    • Consulting labor contract for Dien Quan Media and Entertainment Company (2015-2017).
    • Consulting on labor dispute settlement of HOTTA Vietnam (2016).
    • Attorney represents the insurance contract dispute between Viet Cong companyand Linfox company with Petrolimex Insurance Joint Stock Company (PJICO-2016).
    • Attorneyrepresents disputes over Cardanol export contracts between Thao Nguyen Company and the Hongkong Companyin Arbitration Center VIAC (2016).
    • Advising on procedures for increasing charter capital, receiving capital from foreign investors: MOL Logistics Vietnam Company (2016); HUMAN, A Shoe Company from Australia (2017).
    • Attorney represents for insurance contract disputes between Nam Viet Han Sung Co., Ltd. and Liberty Insurance Limited (2016-2018).
    • Consulting labor contract for Black & Veatch International (2017).
    • Attorney represents the lease of a tower crane contract between Nam Viet Han Sung Company and Highrise Zino Company (2017).
    • Advisory on exclusive distribution contracts between Nasiol Vietnam and Nasiol Turkey (2017).
    • Consulting and liquidation of labor contracts for Holinam VN (2017).
    • Legal consultancy on import-export tax, VAT for Capsi Food (2017); TPF Group Vietnam (2018).
    • Consultant on labor disputes for Blue Ambrosia Inc. (2018).
    • Consultation on establishment of joint-venture enterprises and enterprises with
    100% foreign capital: New England Elite Education Consulting (2017), New England Investment Resource Group (2018).


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