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In order to aid different businesses with professional consultant services and the most effective, MP Law Firm provides regular consultant services to businesses in many practices: business law, administrative procedures, tax, finance, corporate governance, labor, intellectual property legislation through the investment advisory contract regularly.
After signed a contract and have us represent your business, we will make the utmost efforts and guarantee full support whenever a legal matter has been raised.
Legal consultant services for business:

  • Advise on business startups, expanding branches, setting representative offices and how to follow procedures for making changes to an original business registration, its branches and its representative offices.
  • Advise on process of getting business license for any active business.
  • Consulting with the business sale process package (Business studies, legal assessment and financing for the acquisition of businesses, implementation of procedures for registration of acquisitions).
  • Consultation procedures division, separation, merger, amalgamation, transformation of business operations.
  • Advice on restructuring human resources management for the enterprise.
  • Provide advice to dissolve the company (Consulting dissolution conditions and procedures for the liquidation of assets and settlement of corporate tax dissolution).
  • Consultants and service providers to consolidate corporate legal records (Business registration, tax, labor, etc.) avoid business risks from legal inspection agencies, inspection.
  • Business organization meeting of shareholders, the Board of Directors of the joint stock company; Council meeting for members of a limited liability company.
  • Consulting, building organizational model management business, with a particular focus on construction consultancy governance relationship between the shareholders and members, between companies and workers, between company and customer goods.
  • Consultation draft regulations, regulations on internal management organization, the operating system for business (including charter).
  • The business consulting services as required.

The difference in corporate advisory activities compared to other law firms?

  • We have been providing legal services regularly for large-scale enterprises.
  • Staff consultants have many years of working directly in the corporation as well as domestic enterprises invested abroad.
  • We focus on legal consultancy and business advisory service.
  • Team assistant attorney versed in the business registration procedures through close relationships with state agencies.



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