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Law No. 56/2005/QH11 of November 29, 2005, on housing.

THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM Independence – Freedom – Happiness Law No. 56/2005/QH11 Ha Noi, November  29,  2005   LAW ON HOUSING (Law No. 56/2005/QH11) Pursuant to the 1992 Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, which was amended andsupplemented  under  Resolution  No.51/2001/QH10  of  December  25,  2001,  of  the  Xth  NationalAssembly, the 10th session; This Law provides for housing. Chapter I GENERAL PROVISIONS Article 1.- Scope of regulation This Law provides for  house  ownership,  housing  development,  management  of  use  of  housesand house-related transactions, and state management of houses. Houses prescribed by this Law means constructions for dwelling and in service of daily-lifeneeds of households, individuals. Article 2.- Subjects of application This   Law   applies   to   organizations   and   individuals   related   to   house   ownership,   housingdevelopment, management of use of houses, house-related transactions and statemanagement of houses. Article 3.- Law application 1.  In  cases  where  there  appear  differences  between  this  Law  and  the  law  related  to  houseownership,  housing  development,  management  of  use  of  houses  and  state  management  ofhouses, the provisions of this Law shall apply. 2.  Where  treaties  to  which  the  Socialist  Republic  of  Vietnam  is  a  contracting  party  contain provisions different from those of this Law, the provisions of such treaties shall apply. Article 4.- The right to have places to live and the right to own houses Citizens  have  the  right  to  have  places  to  live  through  the  lawful  establishment  of  houses  orthrough buying,  borrowing houses or temporarily staying at  others’ under the provisions of  law.Persons who lawfully establish their houses shall have the right to own such houses. Article 5.- Protection of the right to own houses 1. The State recognizes and protects the house ownership rights of house owners. 2. Houses under the ownership of organizations or individuals shall not be nationalized. In […]
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