Trademark registration

  • Strategic Consulting building, brand development, design and logo protection.
  • Advise concerning the selection and use of the trademark.
  • Look up, providing information on the use and registration of the trademark in Vietnam and abroad.
  • Representatives of the application for a certificate of registration of the trademark, logo protection registration, records modification, extension degree of trademark protection in Vietnam and abroad.
  • Negotiating, drafting contracts, appraisal, contract registration or transfer of right to use the trademark ownership rights in Vietnam and abroad.
  • Enforcement of trademark rights are protected logo: investigation, monitoring, negotiation, mediation, court lawsuit or request other competent agencies to handle violations in Vietnam and overseas.
  • Consulting protection registration rights other intellectual property.

Profile registered trademark protection and registration for corporate logos

  • Declaration requesting registration certificate logos, trademarks.
  • Regulation trademarks used (collective marks).
  • Form trademarks, logos samples.
  • A copy of the document certifying the registration of legitimate business (Business license or certificate of business registration), including one (01) copy.
  • Documents certifying the legal right to apply.
  • Other documents as required when using legal services.

The process of registration of trademark protection
Time trademarked shall comply with the provisions of law, including:

  • Testing long form (01) month from the filing date or the date the applicant submitted adequate documentation required by law. Trademark application will be published in the Industrial Property Gazette for opposition purposes of third-party application within (02) months from the date the application is accepted and valid.
  • The test content is expected to last six (06) months from the date the application is published in the Official Gazette of Industrial Property.
  • After finishing the test content, Intellectual Property Bureau will send the applicant a notice test results singles. If test results confirm the content please register marks meet the criteria for protection, Intellectual Property Department will issue the certificate of registration of the mark in about (01) month after the applicant pay a fee diploma.



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