Labor Law Compliance (aka. Employment Law) must be followed and fully applied before entering any business decision-making process.  It is also one of the crucial factors contributing to the development of any startups, especially joint-ventures, business with 100% foreign capital and organizations with high structure.
With the desire to support business/organizations and to comply with every provisions of labor law, MP Law Firm would provide below services:

  • Advice on recruitment, labor, organize a recruitment campaign for domestic enterprises and enterprises with foreign investment, including the recruitment of foreign workers in Vietnam.
  • Scouting and filtering candidates to best fit the needs and model of your business.
  • Advice on procedures & requirements to set up Trade Union in firms, their impact and the relationship between unions and employers.
  • Advice on labor law regulations concerning salary, bonus, and business insurance and how to implement them.
  • Construction Consultant salary scale and payroll for businesses; forms, payroll procedures, compensation for employees, personal income tax for workers.
  • Advice on special cases for female employees, especially benefits for pregnant employees and their insurance.
  • Consult any aspects of labor contract.
  • Advice, drafting documents relating to labor, including labor contracts, collective labor agreements, code of practice, work permit, etc.
  • Consult compliance obligations, registration agreements, labor regulations and implement administrative procedures, reporting regime.
  • Advice on restructuring and settlement workers redundant workers, policies to workers in related businesses.
  • Advice on material liability, labor discipline, working hours and rest, the problems related to health conditions, working conditions, safety and occupational health.
  • Advice on conditions, disciplinary procedures to employees, assess the legality of the decision to discipline labor.
  • Consultation procedures solve allowance, insurance for employees upon termination of labor relations.
  • Consulting, representing protecting legal rights for workers, the employers; Join resolve labor disputes involving strikes, layoffs, labor discipline.
  • Consult representatives resolve labor disputes.
  • Legal advice on the conditions and procedures of recruitment and use of foreign labor; drafting applications for foreign work permits for foreigners working in Vietnam; implement procedures to apply permits of foreign workers in the enterprise.
  • Advice on issues of immigration procedures, temporary registration, salary, income tax, and transfer money abroad by foreign labor.
  • Consult the HR management issues as required.

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