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(PLO) – “The authorities need to quickly investigate the violations in advertising products of Tech One Vietnam Co., Ltd. in the past to protect the interests of consumers. At the same time before the news PLVN reported, Tech One Vietnam is showing signs of breaking the law on advertising activities.
That is the view of lawyer Nguyen Khac Bao – Chief of law office My Duc, Hanoi Bar Association.
Previously, PLVN posted some articles, customers reflect Tech One Vietnam Company (Tech One company) ambiguous in advertising: buy Tech One products will be promoted a 3G Sim Mobifone “Use” drop station, worth 1.5 million. However, the truth is not so. “Amount of 1.5 million will be calculated + for monthly customers with a period of 12 months or 24 months I also do not know? Every month, customers using Sim must pay 30,000 dong for promotion using 2.4Gb ?. Tech One linked with Mobifone network to launch this promotion? In the sim, 1.5 million are converted into net access, “said a Tech One consultant.
At the same time, the Mobifone network said there was no link between Mobifone and Tech One.
Tech One’s Product Advertising Program
To find out more about the advertising activities with signs of violation of Tech One, PLVN talked with lawyer Nguyen Khac Bao – Chief of the lawyer My Duc, Hanoi Bar Association .
Mr. Bao said that before the information reported by the PLVN, the relevant authorities should quickly investigate, verify the incident, to promptly deal with violations, to protect the right Benefit of the customer.
Accordingly, Tech One has shown signs of breaking the law at:
Clause 9, Article 10 of the Advertising Law
9. Advertising improperly or misleadingly about the business ability or ability of the organization or individual to trade in products, goods or services to provide products, goods or services; in terms of quantity, quality, price, utility, design, package, mark, origin, type, service mode, warranty period of products, goods or services already registered or already published.
10. Advertising using the direct method of comparing prices, quality and efficiency of the use of their products, goods or services with prices, quality and efficiency of the use of products and goods. The same kind of services, organizations and individuals.
Items a, b, c. Clause 2 of Article 12. Rights and obligations of the advertiser
2. Advertisers have the following obligations:
a) To provide advertising service providers or advertisement publishers with necessary, truthful and accurate information on agencies, organizations, individuals, products, goods, services and documents. in relation to advertising conditions and responsible for such information;
b) To ensure the quality of products, goods and services compatible with the advertising contents;
c) To take responsibility for their advertising products in case of direct advertisement on means; To be jointly responsible for advertising products in case of hiring other persons;

 Attorney Nguyen Khac Bao – Chief of law office My Duc

Tech One Vietnam has shown signs of violating Decree No. 158/2013 / ND-CP: Decree on sanctioning administrative violations in the field of culture, sports, tourism and advertising.
Article 51.- Violating the regulations on prohibited acts in advertising activities
b / Advertising deceiving or confusing the public, consumers or customers of organizations, individuals, products, goods or services advertised with organizations, individuals, products or goods Other services or deceiving or confusing the features or effects of products, goods or services being advertised, except for cases specified in Clause 4, Article 68, Point a, Clause 3, Article 69 and Clause 4. Article 70 of this Decree.
Along with that, many readers of PLVN newspaper asked the authorities to investigate, clarify the behavior, signs of breaking the law of Tech One and product quality of this company.
PLVN News will continue the news to readers.


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